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When you feel overwhelmed by the things you have to do
and you know you need to start but you haven't got a clue
When the hour hand is moving faster than it should
and you'd stop it in a second if you thought you could

When you wonder how on earth you'll make it through the day
and you feel like raising hell cuz heaven's just too far away
When anger and fatigue are running in your veins
and you're looking for he sun but the skies are full of rain

When every single breath feels like a chore
and the fears you thought were buried are knocking at your door
When every dream you built up is going down in smoke
and every prayer you whisper feels like a joke

When the friends you thought you trusted turn their backs and walk 
and you want to speak your mind but you don't know what to say
When you're trying to remember but you constantly forget
and you're hanging on to hope but you're haunted by regret

When you're trying to take it easy but everything is hard
and you ant to find your freedom but you always feel on-guard
When every single sunset only makes you sad
and you want to just forgive but you can't stop being mad

When the questions keep on coming but the answers lag behind
and you're lost in the confusion of the fog inside your mind
When your heart is feeling heavy and your spirit's feeling down
and the look upon your face is frozen in a frown

When you wish that you were proud but all you feel is shame
and you're hiding in the dark 'cause you cannot see the flame
When you wish you could rejoice but all you do is grieve
and you're seeking our your faith but you can't seem to believe

When the colors all around you fade to gray and then to black
and you put your best foot forward then retreat under attack
When you think everything's wrong and you're sure nothing is right
and you hold on to your vision but the end is out of sight

When the song you're trying to sing is quiet as the moon
and the star you wish upon falls way like a balloon
When it hurts too much to laugh 'cause all you do is cry
There's a reason to continue I will tell you why

If you are reading this it means you are not dead
and every breath you take and every thought inside your head
is a crystal clear decree that God believes in you
and as long as you are here He's got more for you to do
and if per chance you stumble and fall down on the ground
and look in all directions but see no one around
it could be that everybody else has fallen too
and as much as you need them, somebody else needs you

So rise up, my friend, and welcome this new day with a shout
cherish every second and drive away the doubt
Walk right through the shadows, I promise there's a way
Then find out why the good Lord's given you another day

 ~  David M. Bailey David M. Bailey ~
© 2001  Used with permission
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Music Used with permission
 Bruce DeBoar