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The Soul With Sunny Heart

                    God bless the soul with sunny heart
                    Who brightens up each day
                    By spreading seeds of cheerfulness
                While traveling on life's way. 

                    God bless him for the stars of hope
                    He sets in each one's sky;
          For the encouragement he gives
                    That causes folk to try...

                    With stronger faith to press ahead,
        With courage for a mate,
                    And reach for goals, and build anew,
                    And smile and challenge fate.

        God bless his laughter and his song
                    That drives dark clouds away
                    From troubled minds, and paints instead
                    A rosy-tinted day.

                    God bless the soul with sunny heart
                    Who's found in life his place,
                    And serves his God and fellow man
              With humble, gentle grace.

                    The world has need of such a man
                    Who lifts the heart from gloom,
            And in life's barren places plants
                    Sweet flowers of love to bloom.

                    He may not serve as some men serve
      With fame or high degree...
                    But his good deeds will ever shine
                    Throughout eternity.

            ~ Author: Beverly J. Anderson ~